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  1. Hi! Quick question. Why is there such a tiny object size limit for me when creating? Does this competition include cross-platform players and the Xbox has a smaller size limit?

    • Hey!
      The size limit is used on console to make sure that the creations that are made won’t cause the framerate to be affected. As the console versions were made at the same time, this limit is based on the Switch version; however it should be adjusted in a future update to reflect the power of the different consoles. There have been updates to the complexity of the pieces in the next update, which will mean you can have more pieces in a design before hitting that limit.

  2. Always when i search a creator code the game says the creator dosen‘t exisit. how can i fix this? i play on switch in germany

    • There was a bug whereby the first time you did a search for a code it would fail, try closing the screen and then giving it another attempt. If you’re still having issues, please fill in the bug report form here with the details and it’ll get passed on to the console team:

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