Hokko Designer


Hokko Designer is only available for PC

Get creating early with the Hokko Designer!

Hokko Designer is a small, stand-alone app that lets you preview your own T-Shirt designs on two villagers from the full Hokko Life game.

You'll be able to transfer your designs to the full game when it launches later on!

Please note: Hokko Life will feature a built-in painting tool but Hokko Designer requires you to create your designs in another application such as Paint or Photoshop.


(Note: These instructions can also be found in the included README file found in your download)

1. Download the Hokko Designer zip file (link left) and extract it somewhere safe. (Make sure you check the README file included!)

2. Make a copy of the included Template image file.

3. Take this copy into your favourite painting application and get painting!

4. When you're ready to see your design, open the Hokko Designer app.

5. Copy or move your new design into the Hokko Designer folder in My Documents.

6. Click on Load Next Design to see your design on the character!

7. Use the camera button to take a picture of your new design and share it with your friends