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Welcome to Hokko!

Step off the train into your new life in the town of Hokko!

Let your creativity loose and build the town of your dreams!

Make Friends!

Make new friends with all of the unique characters in Hokko, help them out with tasks, and build them houses to live in

Want to give them a fresh new look? Design a T-Shirt and ask them to wear it!

Get Creative!

Customize furniture and other items in Hokko Life.

Take apart existing furniture and give it your own twist, or start building your own designs from scratch.

How do you want the town to look? It's completely up to you!

Explore and Craft!

Grab your equipment and head out of town to the Mine and Forest and gather resources from the environment.

Craft the resources you’ve collected into paints and materials you can use when designing furniture!

Go Fishing!

While away the hours at the various fishing spots in Hokko, and have a go at catching the biggest and rarest fish!

Different fish are trickier to catch, so get your reflexes ready and be ready to reel like crazy!

Bug Out!

Get your bug-hunting gear together and head on out to the forest to see what you can catch!

You've got to be sneaky to catch the best bugs!

Green Fingers!

Turn parts of Hokko into your very own farm, and grow different plants and vegetables.