Wow! How time flies!

It’s been a year since Hokko Life took its first steps out into the big wide world and started its Early Access Journey, and what a journey it’s been!

I’m incredibly thankful for everyone who’s played the game and I’m amazed at the creations you’ve all been making!

I think it’s time we had some competitions and give away some prizes! ????

RawX Streamed the launch live and set up a little party and DJ Booth in his town!

Events and Activities

To celebrate together, we have a few activities for you to participate in!

???? 1st – 8th June

Hokko Life T-Shirt!

We have 4 competitions running, where you can win some lovely Hokko Merchandise!

Check the competitions below, and make sure you read the rules below before entering!

Share Your Best Hokko Screenshots!

Share your best screenshot taken from Hokko on social media with the tag:


Celebratory Item Design

Design an item that will help kick off Hokko Town’s celebrations.

Celebratory Outfit Design

Design an outfit that will make you stand out from the partying crowd.

Favourite Villager Art/Creation Competition

Draw or create your favourite Hokko Villager

???? 2nd June

We have invited DesignerSlashGamer and Satoshi Gaming to stream Hokko Life to help celebrate the anniversary!

The Streaming Schedule with their choice of platform and tags can be found below:

Competition Rules

  1. Make sure all submissions are appropriate – no NSFW/Gore/Mature content will be accepted
  2. Make sure all submissions are related to the category you are submitting to
  3. By sharing the creation in your submission, you are confirming that you’re the creator of it. (Your entry will be removed if we find out it’s been made by someone else.)
  4. Only one entry per person per category (Which means you can enter all the categories once)

Note: Only one prize will be awarded per person

How do I take a screenshot?

  • Use the ingame photo mode by pressing T (if KBM) or left on the D-Pad (For controller) then press the space bar (KBM) or A (controller) to take the picture. (Note: you can find your saved photos in your “My Documents folder” under “Hokko Life”)
  • A screenshot tool such as Imgur, prntsc, windows snipping, etc.
  • You can use the steam screenshot feature by pushing F12 in-game and saving the image

Thanks for reading, good luck and I look forward to seeing your creations! ????


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