May was spent almost entirely on building the prototype and placeholder assets for the Desert Island Update!

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    • Hey! We have no other platforms announced at the moment, though with luck this could change in the future!

  1. Hello ????????!
    I’m writing because I see the new farming game is goin to steam? Every thing pertaining to any kind of good wonderful farming games is always goin to steam n Nintendo switch gamer’s Get’s left out in the cold while everyone on steam gets to have fun n gets have the ability to by the new farming games. How’s about giving the Nintendo switch gaming community a break and let us have the farmin games first? It’s only fair? Why do we have to always
    Sit in the back of the bus n be treated like 2nd class gamer’s when we all supposed to be equal gamers?

    Why not fix up the game hokko life & let the Nintendo switch gaming console community get to play it first?
    It’s only fair that we get the chance to play it first.

    For once just once I would love ???? to be able to play a new farming game without having to wait until after the steam community gets to play it first! I’m a senior n I may not have till next year or until the end of this year, so I’m asking if you can please make Nintendo switch the first to be able to hokko

    Your gaming member
    Nintendo switch gamer
    Laetittia Pannell

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